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The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a simple way to guard your family's oral health against tooth decay (cavities). As a preventive dentistry service, sealants are thin, tooth-colored or clear materials that are applied to the tops of the back teeth, making the chewing surfaces smooth and easier to clean. Once placed, sealants block out bacteria, food particles, plaque, and tartar to help protect against the formation of dental caries. Dental sealants not only help to maintain oral hygiene and lower the risk of cavities, but they may also save you from more expensive dental care. Talk to the team at ACE Dental of Texas during your family's dental visits to learn if sealants are a good choice for you or your child.

Ideal Candidates for Sealants

Sealants are often placed on the permanent molars and premolars of children ages 6 – 12, as these teeth are more susceptible to cavities. However, teens or adults who are at a higher risk for tooth decay may also be good candidates for this option. In some cases, sealants may be recommended for baby teeth. The pits, fissures, and grooves that naturally occur on the back teeth often trap food and bacteria, which can create the right environment for tooth decay. Sealants fill in and help to protect these areas while often making brushing and general oral hygiene efforts more effective. A simple, fast treatment that usually requires no anesthesia, sealants may be a great procedure for patients of any age.

How Are Sealants Placed?

During a consultation, one of our dentists will first examine the teeth to determine if dental sealants are the right treatment for you or your family member. Before the actual application, we will clean the teeth to remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar. The chewing surfaces will then be thoroughly dried and a clear or white sealant material will be brushed on, coating the pits and grooves. Once each sealant has been cured (hardened) in place with our dental light, our team will check to ensure the sealant has settled correctly. Instructions on how to care for dental sealants will also be provided.

Caring for Dental Sealants

After we seal the teeth, you or your child will be free to resume normal daily activities. It is important to develop a regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing at least two times every day, along with regular daily flossing. For the first few days following sealant placement, we recommend avoiding sticky or crunching foods to allow the sealants to fully settle. With good care and proper maintenance, dental sealants may last for years. Our team will monitor your sealants during your routine preventive dentistry visits at ACE Dental and let you know if they need to be reapplied at any point in the future.

Are Sealants Covered by Insurance?

As a preventive treatment, sealants are often covered for patients up to a certain age by many dental insurance companies. Since coverage can vary, our business staff will review your individual plan and let you know of any uncovered costs. ACE Dental is a leading source of affordable dental care and accepts several flexible payment options. We will work with you to find a convenient payment solution to help your family get the treatment needed for bright, healthy smiles.

Protect Against Tooth Decay

Sealants may be an important part of your family's preventive dental care plan to protect against tooth decay. By minimizing the risk of dental cavities, you can often save your family from needing fillings and other restorative dental treatments down the road. Find out if you or your child might benefit from dental sealants by scheduling a consultation at one of our friendly ACE Dental of Texas locations!

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