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The Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that helps strengthen teeth and reduces the risk of dental cavities (tooth decay). The role of fluoride as a cavity prevention measure has been recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA), American Medical Association (AMA), and other notable organizations. Cities that add fluoride to their water supply have fewer problems with tooth decay among their residents. At ACE Dental, we routinely provide fluoride treatments during preventive dental cleaning and exam visits to help patients of all ages enjoy stronger teeth and better outcomes for their smile. Learn more about the benefits of professional fluoride treatments during your appointments at one of our convenient practice locations.

Ideal Candidates for Fluoride

Fluoride treatments may be suggested for patients of all ages, though they are usually provided for younger patients and those who have not developed good oral hygiene habits. We may also recommend professional fluoride treatments for adult patients whose drinking water is not fluoridated or any patient more prone to tooth decay. Fluoride may be ideal for minimizing tooth sensitivity and protecting exposed tooth roots in patients who have gum recession. Patients undergoing orthodontic care, when maintaining oral hygiene is often a challenge, may also be excellent candidates for in-office fluoride treatments.

The Fluoride Treatment Process

Professional fluoride treatments are generally performed every six months immediately following a dental cleaning and exam. ACE Dental offers a choice of flavors to make fluoride treatments easier for younger patients. Once you have selected your flavor, a team member will prepare your fluoride treatment as either a rinse, foam, gel, or paint-on fluoride varnish. The treatment will be kept on your teeth for 1 – 4 minutes to allow the fluoride time to penetrate the enamel. Our team will then remove the fluoride and may use suction to help clear your mouth. In most cases, we will recommend that you avoid rinsing your mouth, eating, or drinking for at least 30 minutes following your treatment.

Following Fluoride Application

Nausea may take place if any fluoride is swallowed, but this will usually subside within 24 hours following treatment. Our dentists may prescribe fluoride supplements for use at home in certain cases. Since fluoride can be toxic in large amounts, adults are strongly advised to maintain caution and prevent children from accessing supplements or toothpaste. While professional fluoride treatments strengthen the teeth, it is still essential to maintain good oral hygiene at home each day, including brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and daily flossing. We also encourage routine dental cleaning and exam visits at one of our ACE Dental locations so we can reassess the need for fluoride treatments.

Insurance Coverage for Fluoride

Many insurance companies cover fluoride treatments for younger patients, but teens and adults may not always be covered. At ACE Dental, our well-trained staff will work to help you get the most coverage from your insurance company before determining any out-of-pocket costs. We also accept a wide range of easy payment solutions to help your family cover any personal dental costs in a way that fits comfortably within your budget.

Fight Tooth Decay With Fluoride

Help ensure you and your family have strong, healthy smiles with professional fluoride treatments at ACE Dental of Texas. Our experienced dentists often recommend fluoride treatments for children, teens, adults, and seniors to help protect their smiles in the fight against tooth decay. Contact one of our full-service practice locations to schedule a professional cleaning with a fluoride treatment and take a proactive step toward a healthy smile for life!

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