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What Is Ridge Preservation?

Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure that can help to conserve the bone tissue and jaw after a tooth extraction. This procedure prepares your jawbone for dental implant placement in the future and helps maintain your facial structure. Performed immediately after a tooth extraction, a ridge preservation procedure uses a specialized bone grafting material to fill the vacant extraction sockets left by tooth roots. The filling material can then help promote the regrowth of bone tissue in the area and keep the walls of the socket from collapsing. If you are planning to have a tooth extracted, talk with our experienced dental experts at ACE Dental of Texas to learn more about ridge preservation and if it might be beneficial for you.

Ideal Candidates for Ridge Preservation

An ideal candidate for a ridge preservation procedure may be any individual who is having a permanent tooth extracted and those planning to replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant. This procedure can lessen ridge atrophy that may occur following the extraction and may prevent the need for additional surgical grafts in the future. Before planning a tooth extraction, our qualified ACE Dental team will talk with you about ridge preservation and tooth replacement with dental implants and help you determine if this option is right for your needs.

What Is the Treatment Process?

The ridge preservation procedure will be performed in our office under local anesthetic. During your consultation, our team can talk with you about pairing a sedation dentistry service with your treatment if desired. After your tooth has been gently removed from your jaw, we will begin the ridge preservation process by filling the vacant sockets with bone grafting material. Tissue regeneration factors and collagen may also be added to promote faster healing and bone regrowth. Sutures will then be placed to cover the sockets and post-treatment instructions will be provided by our clinical team.

Recovery Following Ridge Preservation

You may experience some swelling or discomfort following your tooth extraction and ridge preservation procedure. These may be managed with over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. It is best to eat a soft food diet as you heal and avoiding drinking through straws, smoking, or spitting for the first few days. If necessary, we will have you return to our office about 7 – 10 days later for suture removal. Keeping up with proper oral hygiene at home each day is important both during and after the healing process. Our team will monitor the ridge preservation site and help you determine when tooth replacement with a dental implant should take place.

Insurance Coverage for Your Care

Ridge preservation procedures may be partially covered under certain dental insurance plans. Before the day of your appointment, our financial team will get in touch with your dental insurance provider to review your exact benefits and determine what your personal expenses might be. To help make your procedure more affordable, ACE Dental accepts many payment methods, including low-interest financing options.

Prepare for Implants With Ridge Preservation

Preparing a tooth extraction site for a future dental implant can help provide your tooth replacement with long-term success. A ridge preservation procedure at ACE Dental of Texas fills vacant tooth sockets with healthy bone tissue to create the structure necessary for ideal dental implant support. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about ridge preservation following a tooth extraction.

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